About Apostle Oppong Quaw George Esq


Oppong Quaw George Esq. popularly known as Apostle George was directed by the Holy Spirit to speak to all nations through the internet Media. A call which has generated much hope to many who are bruised, depressed, failed in life, stressful, bound in chains by the devil with sicknesses and diseases, broken homes and others. His message of Jesus Christ to all people, irrespective of gender, color, Christians and non-Christians has helped to bring back life to many as Paul claim that Christ alive in us, the hope of Glory. Apostle George has framed his life in three main areas of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
1. He believes that helping Orphans, Widows, and the Poor can eradicate war, sicknesses and diseases which are destroying our beautiful world. Isaiah 1:17
2. He also believe that the Salvation of Jesus Christ is the only key that the world need as a tool to break forth these threat, as compare to the economical crisies which have broken homes and marriages.
3. Then again he believes Prayer is the key to draw the Holy Spirit power which is able to sustain every believer in all areas of life.
He has therefore dedicated his life to reach all people through the internet media by preaching the salvation of Jesus Christ. He has also dedicated his life by setting apart with his praying team, by praying for the needy, to bring hope to many who are burdensome, encouraging and helping them in diverse ways. George’s own experience of abandon life is a testimony of what God can do. George was born in Ghana, educated in Ghana and by the grace of God came to Europe in 1991, where the great love of God turned his self ambitious life into God seeking life.
In no time he affiliated himself with a group in 1991, who stared praying in a botanical garden in Holland. He from here entered bible school in Amsterdam bible academy. A place he studied from the bible to understand the great works of the Holy Spirit.
Soon after his graduation from the bible school he dedicated his life by organizing prayer all night and also visiting people who were in need. He also involved himself in prison ministry in 2000 till 2004 where many who were imprisoned received salvation from the Lord Jesus Christ. His all night prayer also brought many to Christ through healing and deliverance. A call which has helped him to know the power of the Holy Spirit which Jesus commented in Acts 1:8
Lately he has been directed to help the needy. A great burden of his heart at the moment, And is now engaged in the orphanage in Pakistan by Pastor Nabin He also travel around the globe through invitation many pastors and leaders preaching and helping people with the word of God.

The challenges that one may go through in life are not to destroy us but they are steps that are led to implement a change in one’s life. It is a fact that people are not easily given to change when we see the smooth look of life. And are therefore intent to keep treading the old well- worn path in bitterness and aggressiveness. These have become a traditional route for many and have hindered us from the power of knowing what God is intending to do in our lives. Whereas when we obey the voice of God we deliver ourselves from the power of darkness.
Apostle George has therefore written two books “Trading my Sorrows”. “An autobiography of his life”. In this book you will find out how the Lord used his depressive life to bring hope and a call upon him. His rejection, loneliness, stressfulness of life were refining period of God in his life. He was blinded in the good world but Jesus changed his blindness into light seen. In fact it was not easy for him in the beginning. He was seeing things like trees as said by a blind man to Jesus in Mark 8:24 But today he could see clearly by counting himself nothing in regard to the things of God.
His second book “Prayer is the Key” is an impressive book that everybody needs as a tool to stand as a soldier of Jesus Christ. It teaches about the importance of prayer and how one can stand and claim his position in Christ as a son of God.

Sincerely speaking our world is changing from God loves state to a ruthless state. People are becoming fed up with religion. Our system of the working power of the Holy Spirit is dying out to “men doing works” of God to gain and sustain his acceptance.
All these have made the most sincere Christians to become fed up with the steady diet of works related sermons and are not eager to hear life giving sounds coming from the pulpit about Christ.
Jesus Media Ministry has therefore assigned themselves to pray two hours each day for Christians all over the world. Especially people who need the salvation of Jesus Christ in their lives to break through for a change. One thing we must know is that if we discover the power that the kingdom of God commands, our liberation will be faster than anything on this earth. Nevertheless life without the Holy Spirit is full of disappointments.
All these are the curse of ignorance. And ignorance is the platform for the devil to operate in our lives. But faith in Jesus Christ is a pen that re-writes our tomorrow whilst living in today.

Stay bless