Our aim is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to all corners of the world, to embrace the needy, the oppressed and the lost. Our intercession team is committed to pray 24/7 a week toward this goal. This call which is burning in the heart of this ministry has brought us on our knees every day. Poverty, Hunger, sicknesses and diseases are devastating  our beautiful world. People are dying out of these situations. Can we leave them to die as children of God. The answer is NO. Something need to be done. That is why have come this far to help eradicate the situation. We are now also committed to work with poor communities to develop much more strategies that can help transform lives. have started providing meals and open up small farms which can help individuals stand on their own when it comes in terms of needs. Not that alone we are also trying to throw light on them about the Love of Jesus Christ by educating them on how they can enjoy life in Jesus Christ even at the state where they are now.

This is a big challenge to us. Looking at the call through the power of the Holy Spirit, and how to keep the supply line of God, then need some financial support. Any method of help is very much welcome. Either in cash, clothing’s, Food or whatever is much appreciated. In the book of Isaiah 58:7-8 God desire you and me to have concern on such people and He shall surely reward us.

So, we are look up to various hands that are ready to help assist in this. We again believe that this call on God on our knees is same as the one who have taken the challenge to go on the field to fight for his nation. 1 Sam. 30:24. But we cannot do this alone. We need your support. When you partner with us, we believe that the reward through Jesus Christ shall never cease, so that we can also keep on this work.

We are doing this not with physical weapon but Spiritual as said by Paul in Eph. 6:12 that we do not wrestle with flesh and blood but against Principalities, against powers, rulers of darkness of this world etc.

Any kind of DONATION is welcomed indeed.
Cash donation can also help to bring hope and self esteem to thousand of children and their families.
Our efforts are reaching children who are challenged by homelessness, domestic abuse, low literacy, major illness incarcerated family members and disaster survivals.

Note that:
$5 will replace a tattered school uniform for a grateful student
$10 per month incur donation will help feed one at-risk child in our day care for one year.
$20 per month incur donation will help fund our programmed of building schools for them.

May God richly bless you for parting with us