ACTS 3:7-8, ISAIAH 35:6-7, 32:15

The bible says, as he held his hand to lift him, immediately his feet, ankles and bones received strength.

In the book of Acts 3:7-8 there is a story about a cripple who thought his life has come to an end. He thought there was no hope for him again, the only hope for him was to beg. Without begging, he and his family were to die of hunger. Maybe you are in a similar situation; you think there is no hope for your life, today I assure you that you will leap like a dear in Jesus name. The bible says because he was cripple he was carried to the temple gate called beautiful everyday begging  for food but one day, in the course of his begging he begged the “UN-beg-able”. He begged the one who never fails.  The one who cause the things that is not as though they are. The spirit of the living God.  Little did the cripple know that he was begging God and not man. Peter told the cripple to look at him. With more attention of expectation, God through the Holy Spirit in Peter told the cripple to hold his hand. As Peter tried to lift him he got strength and begun to walk, leaping and dancing. This proves that the God we serve is a miracle working God. You might have visited many sites, places of worship, and others but today the Spirit of the living God has led you to a site to meet the omnipotent, omnipresence and the omniscience God for your miracle. You may be asking how that of the cripple happened.  It was all because water burst out in the wilderness. The wilderness where there was no hope was then flowing with much water. The wilderness of the cripple was changed to be a forest. (,Isaiah 35:6-7, Isaiah 32:15), His family was then now  blessed. There were no hindrances but rather joy. This is what happened to the cripple for salvation came in their household. Those who were looking down on them were rather seeing them with tears.  What is your burden? What are you going through? I pray that as you are reading this message may the good Lord grant you peace and joy from heaven to walk, leap and praise the lord as never before, May the Spirit of God that raised Jesus form the dead come upon you to lift you up like the cripple.  I assure you that Jesus Media Ministry is standing with you in prayers and you will receive strength and break through today. As you read on in the verse it says “immediately he received—“The immediately here means action,

Dear Friend, if you can step forward like the cripple to claim it, deliverance shall be your portion today. I don’t know what you are going through; being sickness, marriage, job or whatever may you receive your portion in Jesus name. The cripple became aggressive to expect something solid from Peter, but what he received from God through Peter was beyond his expectation. In the same way may you receive according to your faith in Jesus name.

Shalom peace be with you.


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