MATTHEW 20; 20-28, 1Cor.3:9-15.

The desire of every man…..

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die was said by a song writer.

Have we really sat down to investigate how one comes out to become great?

A story is told about the mother of John and James, the wife of Zebedee, their father, in <bible>Matthew 20:20-28</bible> who sneaked to Jesus to ask for a request for her children that Jesus should grant one of her children to sit at his right hand and the other at his left hand. Jesus answered her by saying, they can do everything that he does but for that request, it is the father who gives. The word of Jesus continues in this statement that: THE PLACE IS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEING PREPARED BY MY FATHER. Let’s look at two things here. The first thing that happened at this request was that the disciples became displeased of that request, because they couldn’t understand why they should be lord over them. Secondly as we look at the words of Jesus, who are the people that are prepared by the father? Jesus continued by saying people that are prepared by the father are those who are ready to serve. The request of the mother of John and James was to get her sons to be greater than the rest of the disciple’s. But the answer of Jesus to her question is giving priority to people who are prepared. What type of preparation does Jesus need?

PREPARATION HERE IS: those who are ready to serve. Greatness does not come in a day; it takes the desire of a humble spirit and the love of God. God uses people of humble spirit as an opportunity to prepare them for that request of sitting either the left or right of Jesus.

Dear Friend, I will like to stand upon the attitude of this request and talk about two behaviors of servant hood. It does not matter the situation you are living in or the background you came from, if someone takes time to study you, he will see you in one of the behaviors I want to talk about. There are two main types of servants,

  • A force servant does not care about the master’s work.
  • In other word we call them people who work for you and people who work for you we call them laborers
  • Laborers, don’t serve, but seek for what will bring benefit to them.
  • All that is in the mind of a laborer is how much he is going to gain out of it.
  • They always have questions like why should l.
  • They don’t think about the masters business, even if it collapses for that reason
  •  they don’t want to learn anything.
  • They have no love what so ever
  • They always wait for others.
  • They have no initiative spirit, such people are always in groups, societies etc criticizing.


  • Someone who knows the heart beat of the master in other words we call them people who work with you.
  • And people who work with, we call them co-laborers.
  • A co-laborer knows how you have suffered to put that business up, and does not see it as only for the master but for himself also. Therefore he does all he can to prove his good work, he never looks at any side but see to it that the right thing is done.
  • A willing servant is someone who does not think about himself, or his grade and qualification but count them useless. E.g. Paul
  • A willing servant has the mind of Christ, his attitude is just like Christ, and therefore God looks into the heart of such people and surely exalt them to high position. Let us look at <bible>1cor 3:9-15</bible> the various materials here stand for the quality of our service. And it is out of this services that will be declared at the end of the day in our sickness, disease stress etc. Many people will go through it and die but you will come out of it. And your testimony will bring your greatness to sit at the request of the mother of john and James.
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