There was a degree that Moses had wanted to give to the people of Israel. Deut. 30:11-14. He was trying to give them an obligation that, if they really want to reach the promise land, then they need to follow the commandment he was about to give them. The hope of many were lost because Moses was about to leave them despite the election of Joshua. Many are the people of today who have put their hope in people, thinking that they are the source of their happiness.

There is a journey ahead of us. and we can reach our destination  if we can pay heed to the commandment  Moses was about to give them, On the other hand  they were confused about the new commandment because it was not long ago that they received  the ten commandment and even that they were not able to obey  them and now comes another one. Moses on the other hand also saw it different. He said, this commandment is not like the first one I went to collect from heaven for you. This one is not in heaven that you may need another prophet to go for it for you neither were it beyond the sea, that someone needs to drive a boat to take it for you. What Moses was emphasizing here was that the new commandment was not difficult to follow.

Let us see verse 14. Moses summarized the commandment of God in two words “THE WORD” he said this word is near to you. He is with you at every step you make, the word is in your bed room, He is at your work place, on the street He is at everywhere, and He is in your heart and your mouth. Now the question is who is the word and how can he stick to our hearts and our mouth,

Dear Friend, this good friend want to be with you wherever you maybe, the bible says the rock that Moses hid for water to come out to heal them and prosper them was Jesus. When Jesus is poured out unto your heart, there is an increase of oil on you; the bible says in John 1:1 that the word which was is the beginning is also Jesus. Now let us bring part “A”, it says when I bath or rob myself with cream. The cream here also means the word of God. Therefore whoever is prepared to bath with the word of God bath himself with Jesus?  When that happened you will never lack the favor and the glory of God, So now all that Moses was trying to say was that they need to bath themselves with the word of God each day. The lord will let you ride in the height of the earth, that you may eat the product  of the field  and also  to draw  honey  from rock, it is time  Christians  learn how to  extract oil from the rock which is Jesus. Rom.10:18 Paul said ,the message  we preached are the faith we believe and  it is that which  changes our hope  into faith in Christ Jesus .so let us stick to the word for he is near us to do our heart desire. AMEN.

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