1. Judges 13:5 The angel of the Lord said to the woman, No razor shall come on the head of the child, for he shall be a Nazarite. This was to be a secret between the parents and the child because he was to deliver Israel from their enemies. So long as no razor torches the head he was to remain strong and Israel also shall be at peace. Judges 16:15-17.  But the devil in Delilah pressed him until his soul was vexed unto death and narrated everything to her. Judges 16:20-22 He thought that his strength was still with him, but then there was nothing. His enemies went on to take off his eyes and put him on hard labor.  Verse 22. When the hair started again, His strength was coming back, but the unfortunate part was that he had no eyes. But thank God for our Lord Jesus Christ, who have restored back our eyes to say no to the devil this time.
    1. GEN. 2:7  (The bible says God created man from the dust and breath, the breath of Life through his nostrils, and man became a Living  Being.) The breath of Life which sustains man was taking its strength, Spiritually from the Tree of Life which God prohibit man to eat. Man was eating that Tree spiritually to enable him to be able to talk to God direct. Because of that man did not know what death, sickness, is pain, stress etc. So long as man continues to eat from that tree spiritually he had the right to have relationship with God, because the spirit of life within him was activated to do that. GEN. 3:21-24 (The bible says after man sin against God by eat the physical or natural food from the Tree of Life, that spirit in him was deactivated. Therefore he couldn’t speak or communicate with God direct again. God then sown clothes of animal skin for man and banish him from the garden. After that God did something. Verse24: God drove man out of the garden and placed CHERUBIM at the east of the Garden of Eden and a FLAMING SWORD which turned every way to guide the way to the Tree of Life. So long as this Sword is turning round the tree of life, man was separated to be able to commune with God. Therefore the spirit of man can no longer take strength in healing and deliverance. Hence death, pain sickness poverty, stress etc on man.Man therefore needs a way to get access to the tree of life again.   PROV. 15:4 the bible says a wholesome tongue is a Tree of Life, but perverseness in it breaks the spirit. Since man’s spirit was depending on the tree of life spiritually, to commune with God, man needs the same method to talk to God again. And that way is by tongue speaking. Tongues speaking is the tree of life, that activate the inner spirit of man to that same standard that Adam was living with God without sickness or death But the most dangerous part is that if you don’t use it well it will kill your spirit. Now the question is, since a flaming sword and Cherubim are going round the tree of life, how can you activate this? That serpent needs to be crushed,
    2.    Gen. 3:15 This promise was fulfilled on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the cross when the curtains were destroyed and the cherubim came to the back, to pave way for man to be able to enter the Holies of Holies.
    3.  Rev. 2:7 from that day Jesus spoke and said anyone of us who shall repent and come back to him shall have access to the tree of life to eat from it again
    4. ACTS 2:1-3; verse 37-38  In the course of knowing the truth and a repented heart they were baptized in the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues which is the tree of life. So if you speak in tongues, you are eating from the tree of life which is a spiritual food, which feed only the spirit in you. Whenever the spirit in you feed on it, it activates you to know God in a different way. No sickness, no poverty, stress or death.
    5.  2 Tim. 1:6-7 Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying of my hands for God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and  of love and of a sound mind. One of the key ways you can receive this gift to eat from the tree of life or speak in tongue is by the laying of hands. When a spirit filled person lay his hands on you he transfer the power from heaven unto you. Example Acts 1:4-6, Acts 19:6. When you begin to speak in tongues you receive these things (1) Power (2) Love (3) Sound mind. The power here is called Dunamist power-It is an inhering power to produce miracle. This power is inside you. When you pray in tongue, this power is quickened to produce massive results. It is what Jesus called virtue when the woman of issue of blood torched him. The same power is in Deut. 8:18. This power gives man the ability to acquire wealth. You can only get this power when you pray in tongues and when this power comes upon you it drive away every fear to bring about Love. The love here is Agape Love an unconditional Love of God to do the will of God. And also it produces sound mind which eliminate sickness, diseases, stress pain premature death and etc.
    6. Tongue speaking only operates at your own will but the rest of the eight gifts come at the will of God.

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