Today I am not going to preach. In Isaiah the bible says come and let us reason together. I want us to reason together on these instruments which is standing here.
I don’t want us to see them as we have now got our own instruments. or we are now just like other churches. NO. The bible says that the way we see ourselves the same way our enemies shall see us. If we see ourselves as grasshopper the enemies will see us as grasshoppers but if we see ourselves as giants they will also see us as giants. Exactly the same applies to the way God see our admonition towards him.
Little did the Israelite knew that there is power in the blow of trumpet. For the forty years they walked on the wilderness it was in Jericho that they came to know that mystery. David however knew that he knows how to play music but little did he know that in his music playing he can drive the devil out of Saul. It happened to Jehoshaphat and the people of Israel when their enemies tried to attack them. All these draws our minds into the importance of music in particular and praise and worship as a whole. That is why I want us to have some understanding on the importance of these instruments today.
Therefore what I want us to study today is
What is Worship?? How do we worship?? How can I know that I am worshipping God.

Worship is from the English word WORTHSCIPE. Meaning worthiness or HONOUR.
That is giving honor to someone. Just like when a president or an important person is paying a visit.. we give him honor to his visit by cleaning up ourselves and putting things in the proper position. Likewise is that of God. We worship God by honoring Him in Holiness. The bringing of the Ark to Jerusalem was not what impressed David to dance but the presence of God. How amazing it is that just a human born of sin can draw God to himself. All is by true worship. So when we come in the presence of God we must present ourselves to him in holiness by availing ourselves to have full access on us.
(1 chr. 16:1&4)
David sacrifice to the Lord and chose qualified people to worship the lord with the instruments. The burnt offering was a complete consecration or self-declaration of the offer to God. The peace offering express the fellowship after a total burnt offering. That is between God and the people of Israel and also between families. By eating together.
His worship was to thank the lord adore His name and praise Him for who He is. (1chr. 23:5-6) Over here we learnt that David had 4000 people at his praise and worship team. The amazing thing here was that he divided them into three groups and they were going on shift. For 24hrs there were a continues praises and worship before the Lord. Why? Because David did not want the presence of the lord depart from him. There was a great fellowship of the lord with David always. This prove that there is a different between relationship and fellowship. David was not related with God but had a good fellowship with God . This shows why David had favor in the sight of God.
The more we fellowship with the Lord the presence of the lord never depart from us
(2 corin. 3:17-18). By so doing we do change into the glory of God and we do not give out tract to people but become the tracts itself to them.
We need to know how to worship the Lord. So that who ever enters here may see the presence of God within us. (ISAIAH 29:13) (EZEKIEL 33:31) These two verses tells us that we do come to his presence to worship him all right but our hearts are never directed unto him. Therefore its impossible for God to come and perform in our miss. We must know ourselves as sinner to surrender our life unto him and he will take full control over us. (Matt. 15: 21-28) . Even though Jesus rebuked her yet as she persue to worship Jesus she receive her heart desire.
(MATT. 6:21 ) The bible says where your treasure is there your heart is. So if you want to know where you treasure is try to check (WIIL, DESIRE; EMOTIONS) It is just like someone given you a promise. Your mind, heart and spirit becomes the main focus to the promise. Likewise if we put our trust in Him. He will not forsake us or deny us. (EX.23:25) The Lord has already give his promise that if we worship him he will bless our food and our drink. It is time we begin to know how to worship the lord with instrument . If our heart are subject to the worship of our Lord God shall come in our miss and bless us always.

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King George


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